Principal's Message

 Dr. Deepti Khare

With its objective to cater higher education to the unserved and underserved rural areas, the Government College, Gosaikheda, a Model College by Government of Uttar Pradesh under central Govt. Sponsored Schemes: Rashtriya Uchchatar Siksha Abhiyan will serve the youths of the area with commitment to provide quality education to make the society and individuals more prosperous and developed one. In the present time of global competition, higher education has become imperative for sustainable Socio-economic development and over all development of individuals. I hope, the institution will transform the youths better equipped with knowledge for quality job prospects, entrepreneurship and leadership. only the quality education can improve the academic competence at national and international level for which academic honesty of teachers and students hold the key importance.

I wish all the best for all the students teachers, parents and support staff of the College.

Dr. Deepti Khare
Government College, Gosaikheda